Symphony Orchestra

What is a symphony orchestra?

A symphony orchestra is a large orchestra of is a large orchestra of over 50 musicians. Sometimes they can have over 100 musicians.

What do they play?

A symphony orchestra will play pieces that requires a great number of instruments like symphonies or concertos. But they’ll also play a interpretations of contemporary music.

What’s the difference between a Philharmonic and a Symphony Orchestra?

They are the same. The difference is in the name. Often a city will have more than one orchestra, and it is a way of telling them apart – or sometimes philharmonic might reference the group that supports the orchestra. Melbourne for instance has the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as well as the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra. London has the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra and so on.



Symphonie Fantastique by Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at BBC Proms 2014



Symphony No. 9 Adagio (1st Movement) by Sydney Symphony Orchestra

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