Composer of the month: July

The catalogue of classical music is massive. It’s hard to know where to start. Over the past couple of years I have been listening on and off to pieces in a mostly random way. But I still really didn’t know anything about them, or about their composers. As part of this journey into the classical world I’ve decided to immerse myself in a different composer every month. Each week of that month I’ll look at a popular or interesting piece and the story around it. It’ll be their story and my story.

July’s composer is Claude Debussy the man who is said to have ushered in 20th Century music with his use of the whole tone scale and favouring of dissonance and unusual intervals. Closely linked with the Impressionist art movement Debussy was fascinated with creating music that represented the range of our senses and the images he saw. 

claude debussy

Claude Debussy

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